StarLites™ are micro-cut, hexagon shaped particles comprising a variety of different effects. They are made in different sizes ranging from 200µ up to 1000µ and because they're made from a specially developed paper substrate, they're easily mixed into the paper pulp making them suitable for both cylinder mould and fourdrinier made paper.


Because of their small size and high distribution yield, StarLites™ are a cost-effective and versatile feature.

Galaxy StarLites™ are completely invisible in the sheet but under U.V. light display a 'sparkling' multi-colour array. As well as fluorescence we can combine other effects such as pen-reactive.

A simple and inexpensive pen makes the StarLites™ visible. An invisible blue fluorescent particle becomes visible blue, an invisible red fluorescent particle becomes visible red and so on - perfect for use in cancelling applications.

Machine-readable taggants, chemical staining by falsification, photochromic colour change and many more effects are possible with StarLites™.