Rainbow Fibres™ We invented Rainbow Fibres; this range of multi-colour and multi-effect fibres is one of the most innovative developments in security fibres.

rainbow fibres

4C Rainbow fibres are completely invisible in normal light but under ultra-violet light, they fluoresce in four different colours along the length of the fibre. The small size of the fibre, as well as the combination of fluorescent colours in precise register with one-another, makes this an extremely difficult feature to counterfeit.

The 'Rainbow' appearance of the fibres is easy to describe and easy for the observer to determine, making this a semi-public security feature.

The sophistication of the fibre is further enhanced by adding more colours (we have produced a fibre with seven colours!) or by combining dual fluorescence, so that colours are different under long wave and short wave fluorescence.

Rainbow fibres can also be produced to represent the colours of a National flag. Our patented 'Register Cut' fibres are produced so that the colours are always in the same position on the fibre.

Rainbow and multi-colour fibres are recognised as a highly effective and economic security feature. They're used in many bank note and high value documents throughout the world.